Peak Waggers Chicken Pawmesan

$ 8.50

PeakWaggers Chicken Pawmesan contains all natural chicken and vegetables, rice, parmesan/romano cheese, oregano and organic bulgur wheat and oats. Savor a little taste of Italy for your canine friend. PeakWaggers gourmet dog meals are light-weight, compact, non-perishable and nutritious. Designed with those on-the-go in mind, PeakWaggers is ideal for the backpacker, the fisherman or the traveler, as well as anyone else seeking a practical, alternative meal for their dogs. Each package contains two vacuum sealed meals. Each meal will feed a 60 - 110 pound dog.

  • Non-perishable and perfect for active on-the-go dogs and their owners
  • No sodium or preservatives added
  • Keep your pooch energized with meals high in fat, protein and fiber
  • Two vacuum sealed meals in each pouch
  • Each Meal will feed one 60 to 100 pound dog