Paracord Survival Orb - 27 Piece Kit

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When nature calls, the 12 Survivors Paracord Survival Orb equips you with the tools you need to survive and thrive off the grid. This every-day-carry compact kit boasts 27 survival items including a fishing, snare and fire-starting kit complete with tinder. While the orb’s contents can be accessed, used and repacked without untying the paracord shell, over 325 ft. of cordage is available when things get serious. 


  • Includes fishing, snare and fire-starting kits
  • 27 essential survival items
  • Items contained in the paracord housing that can be opened at the top via drawstring
  • Compass and safety whistle on the exterior for quick access
  • Shell constructed of 325 ft. of usable paracord
  • Hanging hook to easily attach anywhere


  • Rubber Tubing
  • Glow in the dark paper
  • Fishing Swivels
  • Wire Saw
  • Fishing Hooks
  • Alcohol Pad
  • Cotton Ball
  • Fishing Line
  • Key Ring
  • Tin Foil
  • Tinder
  • Whistle
  • Razor Blade
  • Compass
  • Fishing Swivels
  • Flint Rod
  • Fishing Floats
  • Plastic Storage Ball
  • Needle
  • Fishing Weights
  • Iron Wire
  • Safety Pin