Optimus Crux Lite Backpacking Stove 2.7 oz

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Meet the Optimus Crux Lite backpacking stove, the heavy duty lightweight. It’s a 2.7 oz. camp stove engineered to hide away under a gas canister. This seemingly impossible feat is accomplished with serrated pot supporters which are also designed to fold away for packing. It’s hard to find a stove that’s more compact and convenient than the Optimus Crux Lite. Why carry more than needed?

* One of the world’s lightest stoves.
* Innovative packaging under gas canister.
* Rating: Powerful 3000 W/ 10200 BTU.
* Includes burner with valve, stuff bag and instructions.
* Burn time: Up to 60 minutes at high maximum output using a 220 g/ 8 oz canister.
* Boil time: 34 fl. oz. (1 L of water) Down to 3 minutes depending on climate, altitudes etc.
* Fuel LP-gas 75/30 butane/propane (not included).
* Size: 2.8 in. x 2.2 in. x 2.2 in. (when folded).
* Weight: 2.7 oz. (77 g.

*Fuel bottle not included*