MSR Dromedary Bag Shower Kit

$ 19.99

When your boots are dusty and your destination remote, you'll sure appreciate the luxury of a hot shower. This kit quickly turns your MSR Dromedary bag (sold separately) into a portable shower.
  • Spigot Cap dispenses water quickly with precise flow control
  • Compact shower head has a full-spray pattern for plenty of coverage
  • Flexible hose makes it easy to reach the shower head while your Dromedary bag is hanging
  • Showers last up to 3 min. with a full 10-liter bag (sold separately)
  • Shower kit includes screw-on cap, 3 ft. flexible hose and a shower nozzle
Best use Camping
Material(s) Polyethylene/polypropylene
Dimensions 37.5 inches
Weight 3.5 ounces