Pocket Profile Appalachian Trail Elevation Profile Maps

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Weighing in at just 4 grams each, this information filled strip-map features an Appalachian Trail map on one side and elevation profile with altitudes and trail data and information on the other.  Trail data information includes trail mileage, shelter locations, camp sites, water sources, resupply points, lodging, outfitters, and post offices.

A serious tool for trail use and hike planning.

  • Printed on durable waterproof plastic
  • Full color
  • AT elevation profile and data (side 1)
  • AT trail map (side 2)

Dimensions: 3.9 in W x 17 in L
Weight: 0.14 oz/4 g each
What is a Pocket Profile?
The Pocket Profile Elevation Profile Map is an awesome product that combines a guide book with a trail map and an elevation profile and puts them all together in a light weight, water proof, tear resistant format. The Pocket Profiles are printed on durable water proof tear resistant material. Side 1 contains the full color trail map. Side 2 features the elevation profile and trail data. Each map is 3.9 in wide and 17 in long, and did we mention that they only weigh 4 grams!
What kind of data is included on the Pocket Profiles?
The Pocket Profile Elevation Profile Maps are chock full of valuable trail data. Side 1 includes the full color trail map which features major road crossings, shelter and campsite locations. Side 2 features the ever popular elevation profile, along with detailed information including shelter and campsite locations, water sources, major road crossings, and locations and available resources in the major towns along the trail. In the case of the Appalachian Trail Pocket Profile series, the data comes out of the hugely popular "AT Guide" by David "Awol" Miller. Think of the Pocket profiles as the "Cliff-Notes" version of the guide book. Use your guide book to plan your day while resting in the evening, and then use the Pocket Profiles during the day while you are on the trail.
How durable are the Pocket Profiles?
The Pocket Profiles are so durable that you can ball them up, stick them in your water bottle and let them soak all day, then fish them out and play tug 'o war with them! Any questions?
What trails are covered in the Pocket Profile Maps series?
So far the Pocket Profile Map series includes the John Muir Trail and the entire Appalachian Trail. But keep checking in because other trails will follow.