Kovea Alpine Pot & Stove (KB-0703)

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The Alpine Pot is a multi-functional, practical stove and pot in one. The multiple-use portable gas pot can be harmoniously assembled with additional gas stoves and cook sets. The stove and pot portions can be separated for use during mountain climbing, fishing, picnics, and travel. The adjustable knob can also be moved inside and outside for better portability. The sunspot system is used for heat efficiency.

Dimensions: 115 x 115 x 183mm
Weight: 524 grams (18.48 ounces)

  • Fuel: Iso-butane (screw-type gas canister)
  • Consumption: 75 g/h (900 kcal / 3,522 BTU / 1.03 kW)
  • One-touch Piezo type ignition
  • Wider 1.0 L pot for cooking and boiling water
  • Multiple use portable gas system
  • Mesh carry bag included

*Fuel bottle not included